Team Baker Street on Qwertee TONIGHT!

I’d love to tell you all that I’ve been kidnapped by a certain Jim from IT, but alas. I only have the usual boring schoolwork to blame.

I’ve since given out two more Redbubble shirts to people who shall remain anonymous after a not-so-nice incident occurred. I don’t want to dwell on it, but I still believe that us Sherlockians know how to play nice, amirite? ;)

AAAAAND here’s the good part.

Once the shirt goes up, Like and Tweet the Qwertee homepage to your hearts content. And I have a special message for Tumblr fans. I’ll be giving out two more shirts to Tumblr followers! See, I’m not usually this generous, but all the Sherlockians I’ve met have been SO. FREAKING. NICE. I love you all, for serious. No, really. I love you. ♥

And the winner is…

The winner of the free shirt this week is… bluekiddy! (I PM’ed you, so make sure to check your inbox!) :)

Want another chance at a free shirt? Keep Liking/Reblogging/Following and I’ll send another one next week. Because you guys are that awesome. <3

Here’s the great news:

TEAM BAKER STREET is on! Thanks to the wonderful, the flawless, the Sherlocktastic fans on Tumblr! A MILLION GOLDEN SHERLOCKS FOR ALL OF YOU!

Qwertee will be printing this tee soon (I’ll be posting the exact date when they tell me) and they’re asking all the Sherlock fans which colour they’d like the shirt in. Charcoal Grey or Red? You decide!

Vote for which colour you prefer on Facebook

Sherlock fandom for the win!~

You Guys.

Thanks for the great response! Also, to the awesome, awesome people who already ordered this shirt:

It would be FANTASTIC if you snapped a photo of yourself rocking the shirt once you get it. :)

Buy it at RedBubble.

Please vote for it at Qwertee!

And, if you can, please help spread the word (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, cave drawings, potato chip carvings) to hasten the Sherlock fandom’s plans to take over the world!

Don’t worry, I won’t be spamming your dash anymore. My next post will be the name of a random follower who gets a free shirt! I’m going to announce it in a few days, so all new followers before that will still be counted. :D

Team Baker Street

Buy it here at Redbubble!

Please vote for it at Qwertee and/or spread the word (Twitter, blogs, smoke signals, elaborate schemes involving Westwood suits etc. etc. )because the world really needs more evidence that the Sherlock fandom is SO. AWESOME. ♥

First ever Tumblr post! I’m celebrating it by slashing off 10% of my usual sale price at Redbubble!

Follow/Reblog/Like and when I reach a special number of followers I’ll start giving away one free shirt every week. :)